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AboutThe Client

The Kids Arena School is:

  1. A living and rich living environment for sustainable education where children, through their choices, become the center of their development process.
  2. An extraordinary education in which the nature of each child is taken into account in order to build its future.

Kids Arena, a school serving the child

The choice of his school is paramount in the education of a child. They want it to be open and for parents to have a place. They want her to be at the service of our child. To serve him is to place him in a setting where he can exercise positive choices for him. It allows him to surpass himself in all the subjects that interest him.

At Kids Arena They have been serving the child for over 12 years. Our mission is entirely centered on him and the harmonious development of his personality.

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+230 54441920
Hangar St, Mahebourg.